BEST of 2007!

Music Albums

1. PJ Harvey (White Chalk) – Bloodcurdling intensity from the witch on Bald Mountain.

2. Matthew Dear (Asa Breed)- Arty, freaky, and the soundtrack to that Hummer commercial.

3. Midnight Juggernauts (Dystopia) – The new ELO.

4. Justice (Cross) – Their take-over of the rock and rave world is almost complete.

5. New Young Pony Club (Fantastic Playroom) – Think Blondie meets Talking Heads.

6. Unkle (War Stories) – Ian Astbury of The Cult is officially alive and sounds fresher than ever.

7. Joakim (Monsters and Silly Songs) – Emotive dance rock by a Frenchman who had to re-record this whole album with a band after his hard drive crashed.

8. Calyx and Teebee (Anatomy) – Before its time, and some of the sickest synth buggery and assault of beats you’ll find anywhere.

9. Pinch (Underwater Dancehall) – Dub-step album that is better than Burial’s heralded new album.

10. (Tie) Feist, Band of Horses, LCD Soundsystem, The Arcade Fire, and Roisin Murphy all brought their A-game this year.

Best Sleeper Films you may have missed-

1. Sicko – I lost alot of respect for Michael Moore after Fahrenheit 911, so I was shocked to find that he not only made a great documentary, but this will possibly influence a monumental change in American life.

2. La Vie En Rose – The French biopic of Edith Piaf which might be better than Walk the Line. Marion Cotillard gives the performance of the year.

3. The Orphanage – A haunting ghost story that makes you . . . cry?

4. Murder Party – Funniest horror movie of the year, and perfect to show at your own party.

5. Air Guitar Nation – Rocking out with your c**k out has never been funnier.

6. Reign Over Me – As long as you don’t feel like you’re being manipulated, Adam freakin’ Sandler might sneak right up on your emotional sensibilities. More of a guy movie though.

7. Stardust – Lost in the Harry Potter hoopla was this gem that is a better fantasy movie.

8. Paris, Je t’aime- Very cool tribute to Paris.

9. Deep Water – Doc about the first sailors to circumnavigate the globe without stopping, and you’ll be shocked at the results and depth of this movie

10. Exiled – Probably my favorite Asian movie this year. A modern spaghetti western.



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