Big Bang Love, Juvenile A


Miike is back! Not that he really has gone anywhere when he’s making four pictures a year, it’s just we westerners have to wait for him on DVD.  If you’re unfamiliar with Miike, start with the classic Audition, and then maybe slip into One Missed Call or Ichi the Killer. He is a very controversial director that is unafraid to take on anything (insert shocking subject of your choice here___). Here, Miike goes Brokeback with sci-fi prison existentialism. He switches modes like a madman, going from mockumentary to play to German Expressionism with Japanese ghosts. This script is absolutely bonkers, and I’m not sure even Miike did justice to it: His pretentious techniques occasionally fall flat on their face. But there is enough here to keep me mostly enthralled. But you should see his other films first, unless this sounds like your cup of tea . Rating: 7/10


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