Eastern Promises Review


Its never a good thing to start a review by saying, “I’m not gay but…”, but thats exactly what I’m going to do, because this movie gets its payday by having a ripped and tattooed Viggo kickin’ some Russian mafia ass with nothing but his birthday suit. Leave it to Cronenberg to make the last bit of the scene strangely orgasmic. He wasn’t afraid of introducing car crashes and sex in Crash, so what is going to stop him here? And Cronenberg delivers with the violence which looks ultra-real. If you watch this and Sweeney Todd you’ll start to wonder how soft your neck really is. Viggo, Naomi, and Cassel all shine in what seems like half a great movie. I seriously hope there is going to be a sequel because this movie has no third act. Rating (with no sequel): 7/10


One Response to “Eastern Promises Review”

  1. Adam Says:

    I finally saw thismovie and really did not like it. It has its moments of the mafia but overally it was a shoddy performance, slow, dragged out movie. I would give this movie a 5 out of 10.

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