Audiobook Reviews: Anansi Boys and On the Road


Have long commutes? Traveling on vacation? Or perhaps bored in the gym? Audiobooks may very well be your answer if you want something different than music, especially if you were wanting to read the book anyway. Here are two reviews:

On the Road by Jack Kerouac, performed by Will Patton

This just might be the perfect audiobook, at least for a guy. Will Patton does a fantastic job with this classic American road novel by Kerouac. In fact I would say that every guy should read or hear this novel at least once in his life. Women might enjoy this too, but the perspective is very male, and at times, very sexist. To sum up, it has all the qualities you seek in an audiobook: it’s short, honest, entertaining, and meaningful. Rating 9/10

Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman, performed by Lenny Henry

Henry performs this incredibly well, and masters a variety of London, African, Carribean, Cajun, and America accents to bring the characters to life. Unfortunately the “last act” of the novel was really disappointing. Perhaps I grew tired of its length, but the believability of the novel is shattered two-thirds of the way through. I don’t care for the Jumanji, Lion King aspects that the story devolves into, especially towards the end where things come together with magical convenience. I know this is fantasy, but there was too much whimsy for me, and I considered not finishing. The performance by Henry is awesome though, and there are some classic Gaiman moments to make this experience worthwhile, but not recommended to everyone. Rating: 6/10


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