February’s Fab Fifteen!

There is alot of good, new music for February, including albums and multiple songs from certain bands. Metal and hard rock have their day this month, and dubstep continues to blow up.

1. Studio – “Self service (short version)” and “No Comply”

These guys sound like they stepped out of an 80’s time-capsule listening to early Duran Duran and Bob Marley, and that’s a good thing.

2. Deerhunter – “Flourescent Grey” and “Like New”

Recalls vintage Pixies. Fantastic stuff.

3. Mgmt – “Weekend wars” and “Electric Feel”

There is so many influences going on here, but if you like The Flaming Lips you should like their debut album.  

4. The Mars Volta – “Wax Simulcra”, “Goliath”, and “Ouroborous”

Mars Volta got some help from the netherworld purportedly on their new album through conversations on a Ouija board. Sounds far-fetched right? Listen to the album and lyrics and it becomes scarily plausible. I don’t condone their methods, but this album is inspired and I’m now officially a fan of Mars Volta’s heavy prog-rock.

5. Black Mountain – “Angels” and “Wucan”

If you like QotSA, Wolfmother, or the Doors you should like this.

6. Machine Head – “Beautiful Mourning” and “A Farewell to Arms”

I don’t know the difference between death and black metal, but this is some heavy, heavy metal that is very, very good.

7. Amy Winehouse – “Love is a losing game (Moody Boyz badboy remix)”

Dubstep goes mainstream.

8. Dan Deacon – “The Crystal Cat” and “Wham City”

These are the songs that sends the crowd at his live shows over the top, euphoric and transcended.

9. Bloc Party – “Where it home (Burial remix)”

Burial can make anyone sound like ghosts singing in the rain.

10. Autechre – Quaristice (album)

They continue to make music for the 22nd century, and this features some of their best ambient transmissions yet.

11. Beck – “Cellphones Dead (Villalobos mix)”

Beck gets a 14 minute wonky journey by the current king of minimal.

12. Metronomy – “Radio Ladio”

A modern day “She Blinded Me with Science”.

13. Clark – Turning Dragon (album)

Warp Records’ IDM prodigy continues to explore the hairy underbelly of technology.

14. Franz & Shape – “Eyes like knives (d.i.m. remix)”

Dancefloor destroyer of the month. 

15. Deadmau5 – “Not Exactly”

If he keeps this up, Madonna’s going to have him on speed dial.


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