Rocket Science review


I’ve never seen a more annoying movie that I liked. Having a main character as a severe stutterer is very, very painful, and at times I wanted to throw something (soft) at my TV and yell, “Spit it out!!”. The constant narration and teenage kissing motif also grates on the nerves. However, some of the best movies define a town in which they are set, and this movie does that for Trenton. The people who live there and make up the cast are such a wide spectrum of random and freaky people you might swear this was your town. (The psycho brother and Japanese step-dad had me rolling.) Also who doesn’t love a story of revenge and redemption after heartbreak and humiliation? Rating: 7/10


2 Responses to “Rocket Science review”

  1. T-Roy Says:

    The stuttering can be a draw back, but adds only that much
    more richness to the character and film of attempting to
    over come drawbacks and society standards of correctness.
    Reminded me of “JUNO” meets Voilent Femmes. I you like music that feeds and draws on the plot or flow of
    the movie, then I recommend this film.

  2. jeredunn Says:

    Yes! I forgot to mention the music-. Gotta love the Femmes.

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