Quiet City review


Generation Youtube have added a new genre to our film canon and it’s being called “mumblecore”. It’s basically hyper-realism with dialogue that seems so natural and ad-libbed at times you might wonder where the line between reality and show exists. By watching some of the awkward, uneventfulness of situations, you can make out some the minute details of life that you wouldn’t see in a Hollywood movie. The biggest compliment I can give this movie, in particular, is that it makes you want to go out and meet new and strange people. Other reasons this shot-on-DV-camera works: 1.Life in New York (Brooklyn) 2. Charming and sweet characters 3. A beautiful and mesmerizing lead actress 4. Good music. My major complaint was the improbable way the two characters meet and get to know each other. Having lived in New York, I found this set-up a bit contrived. Rating: 6/10


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