March’s Masterful 15

We’ve got alot of class electro, techno, and drum-and-bass ruling the chart this month. An Austin band and German dub make their mark as well.

1. Disrupt – Foundation Bit (album)

Best dub album I’ve heard in a decade. New technology is only going to make dub better. Put this in, sit back, relax, and blast off.

2. Shinichi Osawa – The One (album)

One of the better electro-rock albums to drop yet. Osawa employs vocals from Au Revoir Simone, Princess Supastar, and Freeform Five to throw one decadent party.

3. The Helio Sequence – “Back to This” + “The Captive Mind”

The singer sounds like a young Bono, and they also could be headlining arenas someday.

4. Vampire Weekend – “A-Punk”, “Boston”, + “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance”

This is the kind of catchy indie rock like The Strokes that girls love, and guys get brownie points for introducing gals to. 

5. Great Carnival Stuff (compilation)

This is the next-level house and techno sounds that are dominating European dance floors. Don’t miss the tracks by Wehbba, Swen Weber, Butch, or Oliver Koletzki.

6. Danny Byrd – “Junction 18”, “Round and Round”, + “Control Freak”

Energetic, soulful, and uplifting drum-and-bass. First-rate.

7. Justus Kohncke – “Yacht”, “Parage”, and “Spukhafte Fernwirkung”

Progressive house and Nu-disco doesn’t get much better than this.

8. Protest the Hero – “Palms Read”

This heavy metal straddles the line between wacky and wicked, but is mostly exhilarating.

9. DJ Marky + XRS – “LK (Danny Byrd mix)”

See my comment above about Byrd.

10. Telemetrik – “Cosmos”

Caution: The gnarly drop and bassline of this drum-and-bass track can cause dizziness. 

11. Surkin – “Kiss and Fly (Tacteel remix)”

Glorious electro skullduggery.

12. Ghostland Observatory – “No Place for Me”

The best track off this Austin band’s latest CD. File under electro-industrial-pop.

13. Sebastian Tellier – “Roche” + “l’amour et la violence”

Saucy romantic synthmaking from this French crooner.

14. Modeselektor – “Black Block”

A techno DJ weapon to cause mayhem on the dancefloor.

15. Midnight Juggernauts – “Road to Recovery (Miami Horror mix)”

More electro-jacking-laser-rainbows.


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