Justice at Stubbs


Justice. A sold-out Stubbs. Complete bedlam.

DJ Mehdi opened, and it’s always a good sign when the opening act has the crowd eating from the palm of their hands, and that’s exactly what DJ Mehdi did. (Although Uffie strangely seemed to quell the mood of his set, and he quickly mixed out of it.)

Justice was next, and started playing the opening track on their new album as though they hit the play button on a CD player. But then they started introducing new elements into the mix, and before you know it the song and set turned into a sprawling remix of new and known material, mashed up, edited on the fly, and expertly paced to heighten the fervor of the crowd. Brand spanking new remixes of their hits “DANCE” and a 10 min. plus meltdown of “We are Your Friends” didn’t disappoint.  By the second encore we were treated to their remix of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets”, meshed with vocals of some popular rap song, mixed with various new mutations of one of their works. Simply put, the show rivaled Chemical Brothers, NIN, and Orbital in their prime. I only wished I was in the miasma of people near the front who were crowdsurfing and going ballistic. I was able to shake hands with one of them and thank them for coming before the set, and I think Texas is alot closer to France now in their eyes.



One Response to “Justice at Stubbs”

  1. Adam Says:

    The Jutice show was truly an orginal form of art that has recently been forgotten by the recent electronic fortunatos. I for one, saw on the best performances of my life, from the shear destruction of the speakers blowing my eardrums to feeling like I was 21 again..thank’s Justice…and for making me believe again that electronic music is still king!!! When’s the next album???????

    (JD the category section on your site is awesome!, thank’s man.

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