The Tough Alliance, Cut Copy, and The Black Ghosts at Karma


I’m so confused… A couple of almost lip-synching kids stole the show last night. I’ll get to that in a second, but 5 songs into The Tough Alliance’s set, I realized OMG, these guys could be the next Depeche Mode, provided they don’t OD or commit suicide first. Their music sounds like if Manchester moved to Sweden and OMD had a love child with Abba. Like The Knife, these guys refuse to play “live” and prefer to have a mic and pre-recorded music playing over them.  The result? It was the most entertaining show of the night. They were climbing speakers, playing drums off the ceiling, dancing with lights, and swinging all kinds of things over the audience. It was thrilling. After reading more about them, they have the sensibilities more of a punk band than a pop band (as this interview shows:  Their created label website is bonkers: ( 

Don’t even think to call their music gay, because these guys might have a baseball bat aimed for your head.  They’ll also be at Beauty Bar on Saturday if you want to witness a longer spectacle. (By the way Black Ghosts and Cut Copy were great-.)


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