Things We Lost in the Fire review


Danish director Susanne Bier successfully makes her American debut with this picture. She has a knack of filming intricate melodramas that are very novel-like. The performances are what seals the deal in this flick, and Halle Berry has rebounded from Catwoman in a big way. Benicio del Toro continues to add memorable roles to his ouevre, and I only hope he didn’t have to dig too deep in his role as a heroin addict. If you don’t like “sad” movies then you should probably stay far away, because this does a stand-up job of pulling on those strings. Rating: 8/10



One Response to “Things We Lost in the Fire review”

  1. uripides Says:

    i guess now, after reading your review, i’ll have to add this to my Netflix Queue. hope it’s as good as you say… or else!


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