Horrorfest at your House

The 2008 After Dark Horrorfest’s 8 Films to Die For recently showed up on DVD shelves, and they need to go ahead and reconsider calling this 2 Films to Live For, because only two are worth your time on a dark evening.

 70082647.jpg  1st place: Borderlands     Rating: 7/10

When you look at this movie as a true crime story about a serial-killing cult that lured Spring Breakers into their doom, then this takes the cake for producing the most heebie-jeebies. But I might be biased since I’m a Texan who’s heard of this case and been to these areas.

 70070339.jpg  2nd place: Mulberry St.     Rating: 6/10

There needs to be more horror movies set in NYC! This captures the grit and character of New York while making a good zombie movie along the way. But the problem is that rat-people make me laugh. I just expect them to start singing and dancing (Rats).  This could have been a smash had the zombies been a little more normal.

Only watch if your a devoted horror completist:

The Deaths of Ian Stone (creature effects were better in the 60’s)

Tooth and Nail (kinda ridiculous, but what gives?)


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