Inside review

This is one of the goriest, yet well-made, films I’ve seen, and at the Fantastic Fest screening a lady lost her Alamo Drafthouse food. This co-directing team were pegged after this to helm the new Hellraiser “remake” with a “new” Pinhead (but alas, they have been “removed”, see comments below).  This one grew on me after the movie was over. The movie is so realistic that it isn’t really concerned about tricks to entertain you. It just goes about its business, and leaves you in its wake.
Rating: 8/10

4 Responses to “Inside review”

  1. Rolf Jr Says:

    Unfortunately, the directing team from this movie was recently pulled off the Hellraiser remake. I am not certain of the reasons but it’s pretty depressing.

    It’s good to see another Fantastic Fest atendee on Netflix. Let me know if you want to add me to your friends list.

  2. Rolf Jr Says:

    Here’s the link to the news:

  3. jeredunn Says:

    Thanks for the info. They were passed over in favor of the Saw 4 and 5 directors? That is depressing.

  4. jeredunn Says:

    Fantastic Fest, I’m already getting excited for the next round- I’ll shoot you an invite.

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