World War Z audiobook review

With a cast of dozens, including the likes of Alan Alda, Mark Hamill, and Henry Rollins, I had high hopes for this. The sections that dealt with America and Canada, and had those actors, certainly met those expectations, but this is only a third of the book. Do I really need to know how a zombie world war affected countries like Cuba, Egypt, Israel, and countless others? Do I want to hear how each country reacted politically, and used their military power? I found out that I didn’t. One MAJOR reason why is that the thick accents of these foreign personalities are hard to understand. Also, Brooks doesn’t pull off the believability of these characters as well as the English speaking ones. Brooks imagination went into overdrive regarding every single facet of a zombie problem, and if we ever have this problem, this book will be priceless. Recommended to only die-hard zombie fans, of which the domestic episodes are particularly memorable.  Rating: 5/10


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2 Responses to “World War Z audiobook review”

  1. franken Says:

    You are inane. It is called WORLD War Z after all. To denounce the importance of pretty much every non-english speaking country in a book about a world war of any kind is simply assinine.

    • jeredunn Says:

      I know that’s the point and I’m not denouncing other countries. I’m simply referring to the audiobook entertainment experience, and why or why not it didn’t work for me. I think the thick accents were a problem, but the stories on our continent were just better and more entertaining for some reason. I think the others were less humorous and focused more on the poitics and so forth.

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