May’s Made 15

Despite my disappointment for the new Portishead and Santogold albums they still managed to find their way on this chart. You won’t find Madonna however, even if I do like that new Timberlake-Timbaland jam.

1. Telemetrik – My Lightyear Act Two EP

This drum and bass producer isn’t waiting around for the future; he’s bringing it to ya. “Exit Civilization” is the choice here, but “Evil Exists” boasts a well-chosen Smashing Pumkins sample.

2. Ludovic Vendi – Limbo

This blurpy and wonky techno goes epic midway through and doesn’t look back.

3. Datassette – Datassette LP

Almost perfect electronic-tech album that was made for your inner robot.

4. The Roots – Rising Down

This is one of the better Roots albums(and they have 9 other albums), and it might make some Best of 2008 lists.  

5. Benga – Diary of an Afro Warrior

This album could do for dubstep what Roni Size’s New Forms did for drum n’ bass.

6. Leila – Mettle

Warp artist Leila shows Portishead how trip-hop works now.

7. Foals – Antidotes

One of the better indie rock albums I’ve heard this year.

8. Christopher D. Ashley – We are Shining

Electro-pop for the new generation.

9. Justice – dance (Alan Braxe and Fred Falke mix)

I’m almost sick of these vocals, but this mix is like classy, neon lip gloss.

10. Santogold – You’ll Find a Way (Switch and Sinden mix)

The one saving grace from a disappointing debut album.

11. Logistics – Reality Checkpoint

This sophomore album for the drum n’ bass producer has plenty of quality tracks to put in your crate.

12. Cut Copy- In Ghost Colours

Charming if not predictable album of Australian sunshine.

13. Testament – Killing Season +  More than Meets the Eye

Please put these songs on Rock Band so I can seriously thrash… Thanks Jason for the tip on these guys.

14. Sander van Doorn – Grasshopper

This tech/trance cut sounds incredible in the club; take my word for it-.

15. Portishead – Plastic + Hunter

The two salvageable songs off the otherwise forgetful new Portishead album.


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