Funny Games review

This English language remake is an improvement over the 1998 German original due to the cast and performances, but I could be biased since I speak this tongue. It makes it even better that Michael Haneke had the audacity to remake his original film shot-for-shot (which in my memory the shots seem different–which plays perfectly into the film’s message). Naomi Watts is stunning as usual and Michael Pitt couldn’t be more perfectly cast. Avoid this if you can’t stand pretension. Love it or hate it, one man’s trash is another’s treasure. 

Rating: 9.5/10



2 Responses to “Funny Games review”

  1. umassslytherin Says:

    I couldn’t agree more: excellent, excellent film and a definite improvement on the original. Of course Michael Pitt was amazing in this film, anything he touches turns to sex. I mean gold. Gold.

    But yes, great film.

  2. jeredunn Says:

    Was that a Freudian slip there? Maybe I need to look that up on Wikipedia- Yeah certainly a star-making type performance; he’s on the verge.

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