Wanted review

You wouldn’t know it by the modest trailer, but this is the action movie of the summer. This will inevitably be called the crossing of Fight Club and The Matrix, so at least I’ll say it first. The director Timur Bekmambetov honed his chops in Russia on the Nightwatch and Daywatch movies, so you know you’re at least getting a visual treat. With this movie he might become one of the most wanted directors in Hollywood. Jolie plays perhaps her sexiest bad-ass yet. And McAvoy can officially carry an action film. Like the movies I mentioned above, movie audiences don’t know what is about to hit them, so let the hype begin.

Rating: 9/10



3 Responses to “Wanted review”

  1. uripides Says:

    So- You say it’s that good huh… well that might just be the movie L and I go see this weekend!

  2. uripides Says:

    Wait, that movie doesn’t come out for another week! When did you go see it?

  3. jeredunn Says:

    My bro Jason got me into the screener Thursday that was advertised on Aintitcool. Hopefully I haven’t overhyped it, because my expectations were low walking in.

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