15 July Sparklers

Here are fifteen tunes to enjoy some fireworks to. Breaking the trend this month is some electronic music from the heart of the so-called axis of evil, mash-ups, and some very good breaks.

1. Steinski – Nothing to Fear

This is a masterpiece mix of cut-and-paste hip-hop by a DJ legend that has been influential to artists like DJ Food, DJ Shadow, and Coldcut. While not being new, it has resurfaced on CD recently in a retrospective of Steinski’s work. So if you haven’t come across it yet, it is essential, hilarious, and has more ideas in 60 minutes than three Jay-Z or Kanye West albums.

2. Kleerup – Kleerup

(**I’m bumping this up, because not only is this a great electronic/dance album, it is very uplifting music. “Forever” with Neneh Cherry, sounding like she hasn’t missed a beat, is downright inspirational.) On his debut album, Kleerup proves his production on Robyn’s “With Every Heartbeat” is no fluke.

3. Shout Out Loud – Impossible (Studio mix)

It is hard to top the balearic sunshine of this mix. This is culled from Studio’s Yearbook 2 remix album, which also features a nice, dubby, and Spanish guitar-infused remix of Kylie’s “2 Hearts”.

4. English Electric – Monarch + Giorgio et Jim

“Monarch” channels Blade Runner-era Vangelis (which is no small feat).  “Giorgio et Jim” is equally brilliant 70’s italo-electronica.

5. Stanton Warriors – Who are the Warriors (Bass Kleph mix)

These two longtime breaks producers nail perfection this time. Just try not to bounce to this.

6. Danny Byrd – Weird Science + Red Mist

The Byrd is back with some energetic and slamming drum n’ bass.

7. Girl Talk – Feed the Animals

No recording artist is safe in this ADD mash-up party album. When your mixing Lil Mama into Metallica into Earth, Wind, & Fire into Rod Stewart into Lil Wayne (etc., etc.), good times are sure to follow.  The Quiet Riot/Temple of the Dog mix is just pure madness.

8. Ladyhawke – Back of the Van original + (Fred Falke mix)

The Modular label continues to give us more glittering Australian electro gems.

9. Ata Ebtekar – Saint Homayun + Nashid + Miniature Tone

Gorgeously hypnotic electro-acoustic music from Tehran, Iran. Fans of Autechre should love this. 

10. Fake Blood – Mars

Breaks, electro, and nu-rave are mixed to make you go bonkers.

11. Sebastian Teller – Divine (Danger mix)

Danger takes equal part Justice and the 8-bit sound to create maybe the highlight of your electro mix.

12. Midnight Juggernauts – Shadows – (David Rubato mix)

More Antipodean robotic electro alchemy.

13. Drumsound and Simon Bassline Smith – Body Pump

This drum n’ bass track starts with a beautiful string section that dives right into a devastatingly sick break and wobbly bass.  The first time you hear this you might feel dizzy.

14. Shy Child – Astronaut + Good & Evil

The two best tracks off Shy Child’s new album Drop the Phone.  Is it me or do these guys sound like Supersystem?  File under rock n’ rave.

15. Walter Meego – Voyager

On the new album, Meego dips into Daft Punk pop, and the results have landed two songs on the TV show Ugly Betty. I prefer the less cheesy “Lost” and “Keyhole”.


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