DVD Review Stand-off: The Ruins, Stop-Loss, My Blueberry Nights


There can only be one…

The Ruins: Good production values, original concept, and good performances by some new lookers. If you want a decent horror ride that is genuine creepy, and will make you think twice before adventuring to some unknown ruins in Mexico (oh, nobody in their right mind would do that, ok). And, yes, it’s gory, so I wouldn’t recommend it with BBQ. Rating: 6/10

Stop-Loss:  Here is a military film that seems like it’s been done 10x before. The ending makes everything before seem like a waste of development. Ryan Phillipe is a good actor, but something about him is weird, like he’s going to pull his face off and reveal an alien-lizard.  Rating: 5/10

My Blueberry Nights: The only two good things about this movie is a shot of ice cream melting into a blueberry pie while actors kiss, and Norah Jones’s acting debut. Natalie Portman and Rachel Weisz are embarrassing and seem unfocused.  Jude Law acts himself again, mailing another one in. Language barrier for art-house director Kar-Wai? Possibly, but when Kar Wai goes to 1/4 slom-mo speed for the tenth time, you start looking for that fast-forward button.  Rating: 3/10


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2 Responses to “DVD Review Stand-off: The Ruins, Stop-Loss, My Blueberry Nights”

  1. jason Says:

    I saw My Blueberry Nights a few months back and hated it. I didnt even know it was Kar-Wai until recently. Yeah that slo-mo looked pretty cheapo. I just rented Stop Loss but havent watched that one yet. Looks like you liked Ruins a little bit more than i did. I did like some of it but I didnt think it worked as a whole.

  2. jeredunn Says:

    I just realized the music in The Ruins was killer, and that helped alot for me, but yeah, I can’t believe some people liked Nights.

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