Heavy Metal in Baghdad review






When the filmmakers of this documentary start suiting up in bullet-proof vests in the first scene, you know this is more than your average documentary. The film’s subject is Acrassicauda, a heavy metal band in Baghdad, who risk paying the ultimate price to follow their dreams. It follows their course for 5 years, starting from the toppling of Saddam’s regime when it was somewhat safe to practice and organize a “concert”. Fast forward two years later, and not only can they hardly meet, but the film becomes an anti-documentary of sorts due the peril in Iraq.  The filmmakers’ D.I.Y. approach is entertaining and enlightening while they record Iraq life, seemingly without bias or politics. The film implies the cathartic release of metal is directly inproportionate to murder, war, and chaos. (You ask a metal-lover what they would be like without their music.) Metal fans will have more to relate to, but this band’s story is truly universal.  Rating: 8/10

Watch the trailer here:




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