The Dark Knight 2?


 Reports are Tom Cruise is in negotiations to play the Caped Crusader himself…


(OK, maybe this is really another review of The Dark Knight.)


What is the real star of the new Batman movie?


(With the exception of Heath Ledger, the cinematography, and special effects-)



Absolutely majestic.

Maybe two is better than one. James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer return from Batman Begins to collaborate again, and they have officially topped Danny Elfman (the Tim Burton composer), which I didn’t think was possible. The music instantly makes you forget any possible convoluted goings-on in the movie. And my movie rating:   8/10



5 Responses to “The Dark Knight 2?”

  1. Icecream Says:

    confirmed signings for the 3rd batman movie
    nolan to direct again
    christian bale – bruce wayne/batman
    shia labeuf – dick gracin/robin
    michael caine – alfred.
    eddie murphy – the riddler

    rachel wiez – catwoman.

  2. Star Carlton Says:

    You know who should play the riddler – Daniel Day Louis – that would be awesome. Then there would be a psycho riddle telling bill the butcher.

  3. Quick Grammy Winner Thoughts « Feedback Loop Says:

    […] -I’m happy James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer won for Best Score for The Dark Knight, which I sorta called here. […]

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