Metal and Horror Drum n’ Bass: Hedj + Cativo; Donny

If you like to bang your head to some beats or want a little dark in your dance music look no further.  First up is the metal-drum n’ bass stylings of Hedj and Cativo’s ‘Bang you Head’, followed by the skull-battering horror n’ bass of Donny’s ‘The Forgotten’. This is just the tip of the iceberg.


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4 Responses to “Metal and Horror Drum n’ Bass: Hedj + Cativo; Donny”

  1. uripides Says:

    wow, now thats some serious stuff. i think that genre is called Metal and Bass.. or whats also know as machine bass. it was popular for about 30 seconds in America but it seems some Europeans still find it appealing. 😛

  2. jeredunn Says:

    Yeah, this Youtube guy called Deemonnic (ha) updates all the dark dn’b releases on Youtube, and he put like 20 tracks this month or something, so I’m kinda surprised too, but I find these two entertaining.

  3. Real Metal Says:

    Really stupid and repeatative

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