Best of August – Electro-Disco-Breaks

If you make a DJ set with all these I’m seriously going to be jealous.

1. Lifelike remixes

Lifelike owns the electro-disco scene right now with his mixes of The Presets, Does it Offend You Yeah, and Heartache. 

2. NAPT – ‘Gotta Have More Cowbell’

NAPT ingeniously uses the Cristopher Walken SNL samples to maximum effect. You’ll be laughing and dancing at the same time.

3. Streetlife DJs –Gunn Crime’

4. Ghostface Killah – ‘Charlie Brown (Yuksek mix)’

5. Yazoo – ‘Situation (Hercules and the Love Affair)’ + ‘Bad Connection (Subway Collective Broadband Remix)’

Yazoo remixed for 2008.

6. John Dahlback – ‘Down with All’, ‘You and Me’, ‘Blink’

The best tracks from his Winners & Fools album.

7. Jude Sebastian – ‘Rubber Man (Krafty Kuts Re Rub)’

8. High Eight – ‘Coming To (Blazerflame mix)’

9. Late of the Pier – ‘Space and the Woods (Switch remix)’

10. Underworld – ‘Ring Road (Fake Blood remix)’

11. Seelenluft – ‘Fantasy’

12. Alter Ego – ‘Gary (C2 mix)’ + ‘Fuckingham Palace (Modeselektor mix)’

13. Digitalism – ‘Pogo (Hey Today! mix)’
14. The Mystery Jets – ‘Hideaway (Switch remix)’
15. Tronik Youth – ‘Laugh Cry Live Die (Grum mix)’


Heartache – ‘Don’t Stop (Lifelike remix)’ video


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2 Responses to “Best of August – Electro-Disco-Breaks”

  1. Jim Lad Says:

    Wicked selection… love the Yazoo remixes thrown in their. Hercules & LA and Subway Collective are way cool…

  2. jeredunn Says:

    Gracias; I definitely concur.

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