Best New Techno

“Techno” music today has gone minimal, abstract, and wonky. The center of the 4/4 techno pulse is Berlin, and sound design is reaching electro-acoustic levels within it. It usually doesn’t land on any lists on this page, but here are some recent tracks that are pretty outstanding:

1. Adam Beyer and Mathew Jonson – ‘A Big Dipper’

Two techno heavyweights find the right chemistry.

2. Futureshock – ‘Tiger Dust’

I prefer the Dub mix, but the Alex Neri mix is also very good. Freaky alien quadrant music.

3. Audion – ‘Billy Says Go’ 

Matthew Dear’s alter-ego is more experimental, and it works here.

4. Hot Chip – ‘One Pure Thought (Dominik Eulberg mix)’

Eulberg is a forest ranger in Europe, and his music sounds like electronic symphonies of nature. This one is  a pleasant 10 minute stroll.

5. Mark Henning – Jupiter Jive album

The Star Wars cantina on crack.

6. Juan Sanchez – ‘Tilt’

See below.


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2 Responses to “Best New Techno”

  1. Teleskopik Recordings Says:

    Thank for the recommendations …

  2. jeredunn Says:

    Hell, glad I can help

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