Cool Kids Movies: CJ7 vs. Penelope


Something about this kids movie is really freaky, I mean interesting. Stephen Chow is the man to blame. The director of Kung Fu Hustle delves into his visual bag of tricks and even throws in some martial arts and super-human soccer lest you forget.  There are some stupid and predictable parts, but Chow always keeps it unique, and CJ7 thankfully never tries to phone home or eat Reeses.  

 Rating:  7/10





A fairy tale with Christina Ricci sporting a pig nose. James McAvoy and Reese Witherspoon to support. What’s not to like? Ricci with a snout isn’t all that bad, I mean I’ve probably done worse. Peter Dinklage, the small guy from The Station Agent and In Bruges, is hilarious too, and this should propel his star further. This one kinda falls apart in the third act though, or maybe it just runs out of pig jokes.  

 Rating: 6/10


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