Home Sick review


Hella funny, extreme low-budget, hardcore Alabama horror. The third act should send most horror fans to Cloud 9. The director Adam Wingard is able to not only get good performances from the cast, but achieves some top-notch gore to go along with it. Sometimes the budget and inexperience rears its ugly head, making the movie veer close to a Youtube or student film. But the David Lynch influence on the music and performances keeps things going to the Tom Towles-crazed blow-out ending.

Rob Zombie would be proud.

Rating: 7/10



2 Responses to “Home Sick review”

  1. J Dogg Says:

    Sounds cool. I’ll have to put that in my queue.

  2. jeredunn Says:

    Good times, I promise. I already want to rewatch some scenes.

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