6 Films To Keep you Awake Reviewed




Spain has become a hotspot for new talent in cinema with a focus on genre and these horror films don’t disappoint. As a whole they are better than the recent 8 Films to Die For and Masters of Horror series. I’ll start with best and work down:




[GOLD] The Baby’s Room – This gets top prize for being the only one that really scared me. It takes a clever concept in the haunted house story and runs with it. The execution is nearly flawless and the jump-scares are really good. Alex de la Iglesias has an interesting filmmography. The cult film world awaits the DVD release of his Day of the Beast

Rating: 8/10

[SILVER] Xmas Tale –  Horror, Xmas, and the 80’s is a lethal combination, and Paco Plaza, the director of [Rec], does it justice. This tries hard to fit in The Goonies/The Lost Boys/The Monster Squad mold and succeeds in the end. Have patience however, as it takes almost 40 minutes before any characters even break a sweat.  

Rating: 8/10

[BRONZE] A Real Friend – Like Xmas Tale, this effort revolves around kids having to decide whether monsters are imaginary or real.  This stays entertaining mainly because of the most awesome imaginary friend ever: Leatherface. Something about the effort feels like an extended Tales of the Crypt, maybe due to the cinematography or pacing.  But the ending delivers. 

Rating: 7/10

To Let –  Here’s a survival horror flick with a clever twist. The movie is flawed, in my opinion, because of victims who repeatedly make very stupid decisions. I also don’t care for the director Balaguero’s shaky cam work that he also used in The Nameless. He does have a certain visual flair though, and this introduces a unique weapon to horror cinema. 

Rating: 6/10

Spectre – A coming-of-age story crossed with a ghost story that has good production values and performances. Like the next movie, it is relatively relaxed and tame by horror standards, which may translate into not keeping you awake.

Rating: 6/10

Blame – If you like your dramas with a little horror then look no further.  This isn’t really scary at all, but is mysterious and has a powerful ending. Good acting saves it from being dismissable.

Rating: 5/10


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3 Responses to “6 Films To Keep you Awake Reviewed”

  1. GrewSome Says:

    Hey its Pat, where can I check some of these out if you don’t have them?

  2. jeredunn Says:

    Hey guy, I could find The Baby’s Room for ya-. Free starting month on Netflix for the others? I’ll also find Home Sick since I know you liked Murder Party.

  3. jeredunn Says:

    Nice psuedonym by the way.

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