Two Must-See Documentaries!

The Rape of Europa – 

America was an integral reason that the world did not fall to darkness in WWII, but I think it is hard for us to realize, at least domestically, the utter ruin the Nazis and war left on Europe and Russia. This documentary details how the Nazis systematically pillaged, raped, and destroyed the art of the Western World. It wasn’t enough that they could exterminate and destroy the lives and communities of different peoples, but that they attempted to wipe-out their very cultural identity.  This is a harrowing look at the diabolical plans of a once aspiring-artist Hitler, the totality of the destruction he ultimately caused, and the world’s fight to stop him.


Young @ Heart

On a more uplifting note, here’s the documentary you can recommend to all of your family members at the Thanksgiving table. What transpires in this film is truly inspiring. Alot of it is hard to sit through, and there are some unnecessary music videos. But by the time the credits are rolling, you might have laughed, cheered, and cried, while feeling a little bit wiser afterwards.

Rating for both: 9/10


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