Fantastic Fest: Martyrs and Not Quite Hollywood reviewed

I actually saw four movies on the last day of Fantastic Fest, but can’t recommend Gachi Boy: Wrestling with a Memory or The Wild Man of the Navidad.  I also showed up hours early, hoping to get into the secret screenings of RocknRolla and City of Embers, but there were guys who actually spent the night outside on the sidewalk and were unable to get in. Now for the two worth talking about:

Martyrs – The French’s latest and greatest sick-out. This incredibly is better and gorier than last year’s Inside.  The word intense cannot begin to describe this movie. At one point in the second half, “wtf?”s were jumping from the mouths from the audience around me.  And then we got the answer to our question — in what is perhaps the most high-concept moment I can remember in any horror film. This left me utterly numb.  Warning, be careful you can handle this movie before going.  Rating: 9/10

Not Quite Hollywood – This film rocked!! Unless you’re Quentin Tarantino you probably don’t know about the Australian genre films of the seventies and early eighties except for Mad Max maybe. This documentary chronicles twenty to thirty of those movies that were truly fantastic. You get to see most of the cool parts of the movies, while hearing some hilarious stories by the people who were involved with them. It’s like a film festival in two hours with Quentin Tarantino hosting. Certainly the most fun I had at Fantastic Fest, and I’ll be seeking some of these gems out when I get the chance.  Rating: 9/10

Hope you enjoyed the reviews! I’ll continue to unearth the films you should know about.



2 Responses to “Fantastic Fest: Martyrs and Not Quite Hollywood reviewed”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    wow, seems like some very interesting movies…catch up on some ZZZZZZZ’

  2. jeredunn Says:

    yup, sounds like you were there… I finally got my Z’s.

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