Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer review

No, he isn't screaming, "Sparta!!"

Monster lovers of all ages who rent this based on the title or cover art won’t be disappointed. This is a fun-filled romp through monster-land with enough cool non-CGI FX to garner a Best Use of Latex award at Fantastic Fest. Director Jon Knautz has an eye for good comedic acting and timing, and this succeeds as a comedy alone. Where the director needs improvement are some of the finale action sequences, where some fights come across clumsy and uninspired (See Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi for help!). This premise begs for a sequel that could take this kick-a** slaying and run to the hills with it. 

Rating: 7/10 

 (Skip the spoiler-ridden trailers unless you plan on never watching this.)


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