Best of Dario Argento for Halloween

Check out this scary trailer of Phenomena which I consider the best of this horror maestro’s work. If you haven’t seen Phenomena or Tenebre than I definitely recommend checking them out this Halloween. Pelts is a brilliant and gory one-hour Master of Horror entry on Showtime starring Meatloaf.  Many view Suspiria, a tale of witches, as a classic and one of his best. Opera is a pretty good straight-forward 80’s slasher or giallo. His latest offering Mother of Tears, just released on DVD and starring his daughter Asia Argento, was a letdown in my opinion. I also part with many Argento fans by disliking Deep Red and Inferno. But I’d love to hear anyone else’s opinion on their favorite Argento movies, just comment below-.

1. Phenomena

2. Tenebre

3. Pelts

4. Suspiria

5. Opera



6 Responses to “Best of Dario Argento for Halloween”

  1. Adam Says:

    Trick or treat, smell my feel, give me something good to eat.

  2. Adam Says:

    oops supposed to be feet

  3. Jsun Says:

    Thats a pretty good list. I also like Jenifer and Sleepless. Stay away from Do You Like Hitchcock and The Card Player. Both of those were disappointments. I know its probably not his best but Ive actually seen Opera more than all of his others. It has a cool 80’s cheesy feel that I love.

  4. jeredunn Says:

    Smell my feel? Thats randy.

  5. jeredunn Says:

    Yeah, Jenifer just missed out on this list, and I haven’t seen Sleepless. I’ll have to check that out.

  6. Jsun Says:

    You’re not alone with Inferno. I was bored to tears watching that. I want to see some of his older stuff like The New York Ripper and Cat O Nine Tails. Those look like they might be fun.

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