Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream


Ok, so check out the artwork for Empire of the Sun’s debut album, and imagine what it might sound like. You got pretty close if you had the eighties in mind. It brings to mind eighties artists Wham, Men at Work, and Japan. It’s also like a Australian Mgmt, but more electro-pop. The album is certainly worth grabbing, so checkout the lead single and follow-up single remix to see if it’s your style. . .

(Via Ohh! Crapp..) Empire of the Sun – We are the People (Ted and Francis remix)

(Via Discodust) Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream


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5 Responses to “Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream”

  1. Adam Says:

    Let the gay parade start, lol

  2. jeredunn Says:

    It’s magical! OK, so it is a little Siegfried & Roy… I’ll review the new Metallica album next-.

  3. uripides Says:

    Wait! they’re missing the all mighty Unicorn!!

  4. uripides Says:

    maybe this link will give you some inspiration!

  5. jeredunn Says:

    Ha, a unicorn and dolphin is pushing it.

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