Hitler & the Occult: Experiment 17

Here’s documentation of one of Hitler’s more ‘successful’ experiments dealing with the occult. Thankfully he was stopped before further experiments:

Happy Halloween:)


4 Responses to “Hitler & the Occult: Experiment 17”

  1. bathykolpian Says:

    Just in case no one knows this is fictional.it was taken from H.P Lovecraft’s Dreams of Cthulhu.After the unmade bbc pilot comes a quartet of shorts experiment 18;The Hexenhammer Project is the next short

  2. jeredunn Says:

    It’s only fair to reveal what exactly this is, and I’m glad somebody has finally done it! I thought it was more effective than the Experiment 18 short, but glad to get some Lovecraft connections going. I’m still waiting for Del Toro’s big budget Lovecraft masterpiece.

  3. gemz Says:

    i want u out there to realize that,though so many occult experiments are claimed fictional,there are real things.People like me don’t surf looking 4fiction.i will post real occult info that never fails.i will build a blog 4 that.

    • jeredunn Says:

      Yeah sounds like a great idea. Let me know if you get it running. And sorry to disappoint, but it was fun, right?

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