Free Blood – Royal Family; Bjork (with Thom Yorke) – Nattura

I’ve got the best downloads of the month coming, but for a bonus I thought I’d share some brilliant stuff first.  First up is Free Blood, who’ve injected some new blood into the electro-vocal scene that desperately needed something a little different after all those cookie-cutter 80’s tracks. I recommend Free Blood’s new album if you like that disco-punk swagger. Here’s them playing ‘Royal Family’ live, followed by a link w/ downloads of this and a Hot Chip remix.

And the link to the downloads:


Now the new Bjork track featuring Thom Yorke is absolutely mental, and I mean that’s better than cookie-cutter. Electronic stalwarts Matthew Herbert and Mark Bell are also behind the scenes on this one. Go to to get the track for a good cause, but here’s a fan video for a taste:


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2 Responses to “Free Blood – Royal Family; Bjork (with Thom Yorke) – Nattura”

  1. asexualmystique Says:

    When I listen to Bjork’s “Debut” I think of what Madonna could have been if she had artistic integrity and business sense.

  2. jeredunn Says:

    I defintely agree Bjork has had more artistic integrity, but business-wise Madonna owns them all. That bitch is smart as she has continually re-invented herself over two decades by working with the best new producers in the field. She has definitely zapped the artistic integrity of those guys, but their pocketbooks don’t mind. As her sex appeal dwindles I expect more left field material from her more like the William Orbit collaboration.

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