Best 15 Downloads for Thanksn’giving!


Owwwww, James Brown-style these are hot. They’ve been simmering and boiled down from a list of hundreds. No stuffing here, just pure turkey. (Or maybe they’re all stuffing, no turkey, yeah..) Man you’re lucky.


1. Sunset Cruisin – Perfect Wave (LeBatman mix)   via Voules Random

A Patrick Swayze, Point Break sample creates some sort of magic on this one, and I think I could listen to the first half of this on endless repeat.

2. Lemonade – Sunchips (Ghosts on Tape mix) 

This will infect a crowd with crazy rump shaking, and that’s before the rock vocals and twisted synths kick in.

3. Cut Copy – Far Away (Ring Trick remix)   via Danger! Danger!

This mix has this perfect ‘walking alone in the big city on a Fall night’ feel. Like anything could happen.

4. Ellen Allien – Do Not Ask (Joe and Will Ask Unofficial Remix)

I haven’t heard a good Ellen Allien track in a blue moon, but when the bass finally kicks in around the 1:45 mark, your brainwaves will respond positively. 

5. The Who – Baba O’Reilly (SebastiAn Remix)  

This iconic track by The Who gets a quick SebastiAn treatment. Don’t leave home without it.

6. Ladyhawke – My Delirium (Chateau Marmont Remix)    Via Ohh Crapp

Probably the best Ladyhawke remix, and there have been dozens already.

7. Sneaky Sound System – When We Were Young (Breakbot Remix)   Via Hyperbole

Breakbot excels at creating these 80’s jams with that feel-good, party vibe.

8. Charlie – Spacer Woman (DW Remix)    Via Eat me on Tuesday

Classic Italo-disco hooking up with trashy electroclash. Dark beauty.

9. Plus Move – Tic Toc   Via Voules Random

Justice comes to mind in this peak-time lovely. The final breakdown is insane brilliance.

10. Telepathe – Chrome’s On It

Brooding waifs in high fashion sound happily drugged in this off-kilter, downtempo track.

11. Jokers of the Scene – Baggy Bottom Boys (Original)   Via Find Voltorb, Catch Voltorb

An update of Moby’s rave classic “Go”.  Nu-rave done right.

12. Big Gipp – Hot (KLEVER remix)  

Rap and electro are married very kleverly. Perfect for those kids with fake IDs who just need to dance.

13. Headshotboyz – Detector

Great intro electro song that you can throw an accapella over like:

14. Troublemaker – I’m Famous (feat. Baby Cashtrid)

An almost acappella track with some old school chick rapping.

15. Zeibura S. Kathau – Sophia

Put the headphones on to this well-produced techno. Electrostimulation indeed.



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5 Responses to “Best 15 Downloads for Thanksn’giving!”

  1. Jan Says:

    “Via Danger! Danger!” 🙂

  2. jeredunn Says:

    Yes indeed. Awesome site! Thanx for all the choons. I’ll link up the main page too.

  3. asexualmystique Says:

    Sloppy syntax on my part: REPLACE “what Madonna could have been if she had artistic integrity and business sense.” WITH “what Madonna could have been if she had artistic integrity as well as business sense.”

    William Orbit – he produced “Ray of Light”, correct? Of his solo albums, I’ve only heard “Pieces in a Modern Style”, which I’m assuming isn’t representative of his usual work.

  4. asexualmystique Says:

    But I like stuffing more than turkey. At least, I used to – before I developed a gluten intolerance. Now I like the turkey more than the stuffing.

  5. jeredunn Says:

    Yeah, Orbit was behind ‘Ray of Light’ which I’m not sure how well the new-age mysticism thing has held up over the years. And it has been a long time since I heard an Orbit solo track, but remember associating him with Brian Eno.

    But I got you, and especially if you fry or infuse the turkey-. But I take it there’s no good gluten-free stuffing? Maybe that makes no sense.

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