Chase & Status – Pieces (w/ Plan B) video

Chase and Status new drum n’ bass album More Than Alot has arrived and it has enough escape velocity to send you to the stratosphere. Here’s the lead single with Plan B on guitar and vocals and its somewhat clever video. Warning, the video is Rated R (so make sure you have a parent’s permission). And yeah the audio quality is much better on mp3 or whatever, so I recommend the whole album turned up loud on some speakers.


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8 Responses to “Chase & Status – Pieces (w/ Plan B) video”

  1. Adam Says:

    That’s pretty tight. ..

  2. jeredunn Says:

    Glad you like it. Something about the British saying “Oh my days” and “slag” cracks me up.

  3. uripides Says:

    jesus… wtf is that all about. It’s like DnB meets R Kelly with a heavy dose of revenge..

    Sad core DnB… whats next, cutters and emo DnB?


  4. jeredunn Says:

    You’d probably like the rest of the album as this is the only song of its nature on the album. I find the lyrics to be catchy even if they’re sorta uninspired, and I respect them for trying to get dnb to the masses. The older generations won’t have it though.

  5. KimoriC Says:

    Wow, pretty sweet. Gets into the whole experience of rage and revenge in relationships, or at least that’s my take on it. Would be nice to see the ex boyfriend laying the smack down on that bitch and showing her who the master is. She deserves a good ole’ fashioned beating, country style…

  6. jeredunn Says:

    Ha, country-style beatdowns are always funny-.

  7. bobby b Says:

    this video realy pisses me off! imagine if that was u omg i wud do sum bad things 2 them ppl startin wif their cat or dog or bird (not of the human kind tho lol) bein put in the washin machine then a wud jst burn their house dwn but nt wif them in it no no no i wud tie them 2 a chair naked outside wile they watch their home burn!

  8. jeredunn Says:

    Damn! You’re not kidding around.

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