Back from Mexico; Recombinants Forthwith


Just got back from Mexico dazed and gorged with sun, and happened to catch this band in their David Lynch-moment.  Finally caught up on some reading and came across a passage in William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition about remixing and how ten versions can be wrong, but the eleventh one right. I can’t find it now, but instead have a cool essay/editorial Gibson wrote for Wired about the remix culture. So here are (to use Gibson’s words) two recombinants. Let’s see if you can match the track with the description:

a.) industrial strength, rip-your-face-off electro with rock vocals

b.) fidget, ghetto, squelch-bass on Monster energy drinks


Poxymusic – War Paint (Speaker Junk remix)

Seppuku Paradigm – Sure Thing (Polymorphic Remix)



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