Best Comedies of 2008


It was a great year for big studio comedies and I’m sure there are some others I missed like Bill Maher’s Religulous and Hamlet 2. Man I want to see all of these again except for the ONE that shall go unnamed. So what ch’all think? Am I right?

1. Pineapple Express – James Franco saves his career with his unlikely hilarious performance. But he can’t top Danny McBride’s ‘thug-life’ show-stopper that is the best supporting funnyman of the year. Action. Gore. Is there anything else other than Tom Cruise they could have added to this movie?

2. Role Models – It’s still going strong at theaters due to word-of-mouth. Paul Rudd gets his big role. And Jane Lynch gives the funniest performance by a woman of the year.

3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Russell Brand and Bill Hader steal the show here. Oh, and Dracula and the puppet opera.

4. Step Brothers – What’s more brilliant than the idea of this movie and then casting it with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly? Most of this works like magic.

5. Tropic Thunder – Jack Black steals the show and is worth watching for his performance alone. Anybody else think Cruise was kinda scary?



3 Responses to “Best Comedies of 2008”

  1. Jizzle My Hizzle Says:

    Im gonna watch Zack and Miri and Pinapple Express this week but so far Step Brothers is my favorite this year so far.

  2. L.L.oyd Cool J-ason Says:

    Just saw Zack and Miri make a porno. So far its my #2 favorite right below Step Brothers.

  3. jeredunn Says:

    LL Cool J!! Damn, I geuss that’s another one I missed. Saw Fred Claus and even that had some hilarious moments, but not quite enough…

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