Best Dubstep Albums of 2008


On New Years Eve I’ll post my best films of the year list.  But here are three albums you can’t miss if you like all things dub and step:

1. The Bug – London Zoo

Digital ragga might be a better category for this, but The Bug was creating dubstep before anyone. So you can bet your beats that he was going to create a killer album with ridiculous mc’s and vocalists. Where does he find these cats? Listen or buy.

2. Deadbeat – Roots & Wire

Canadian via-Berlin Scott Monteith has created a spirital arc from dancehall to dub-house cosmos. Listen or buy.

3. Disrupt – Foundation Bit

Straight-out, crunked-up dub to lay back and relax to while you quantify matter. Listen or buy.


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6 Responses to “Best Dubstep Albums of 2008”

  1. Alex Barkett Says:

    I saw The Bug live in San Francisco and it was baaaaaaaaad. Album’s good though. Did you give Dusk + Blackdown or Headhunter a listen? I think dubstep might on the outz. Yay, nay? Untrue was too good for it’s own good.

  2. uripides Says:

    Isn’t “Best Dubstep Albums..” an oxymoron?


  3. uripides Says:

    well shoot.. that didn’t work!

    try this!

  4. jeredunn Says:

    Uripides- Ha. Ha. Listen to those albums buddy. And that mashup as creative as it is makes me want to slash my wrists. Better than hearing all those songs mixed together in a very long boring set though!

    Alex- I geuss I need to check out those. Hard to say on the future of dubstep. I used to think dn’b was on the way out and it keeps growing. I think it will stay as long as the tango as stayed. Maybe out of fashion for a time. Sucks about The Bug live, but I’m kinda not surprised.

  5. Operator Says:

    Disrupt’s album is great, no doubt. But dubstep? Mhmmm…

  6. jeredunn Says:

    Yeah, yeah. It’s dub without the step, but it needed some recognition one way or the other.

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