The Most Gorgeous, Meditative Album of 2008


Jacaszek – Treny

Ambient. Classical. Mystical. Angelic cries over burrowing strings. Listening to a crackling fire that unravels a hypnotic melody. All these and more. Wish I could have included it in my Best of list, but just discovered it on Static Fix and Mapsadaisical which are great resources for ambient/leftfield music. Boomkat has the whole album for listen and purchase, and also can’t help to call it “heart-stoppingly beautiful”. The Docking Station has the track ‘Lament’ available for listen and download.



2 Responses to “The Most Gorgeous, Meditative Album of 2008”

  1. Alex Barkett Says:

    I forget, have you heard Rudi Arapahoe’s ‘Echoes From One To Another’ also? My #2. Great to hear you like the Jacaszek.

  2. jeredunn Says:

    Oh yeah. I need to listen to it a couple more times, but I can see it being a runner-up to this album. It’s not as groundbreaking musically as Jacaszek perhaps. That Grouper album scares the shit out of me. It embodies the sound of limbo or depression.

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