Gigglesnort Hotel

I’m not crazy!!! I’ve asked and told dozens of people about this creepy kid’s puppet show centered around a hotel that moved, and had episodes of ‘alien encounters’. There’s this malformed figure of clay(see Basketcase, anyone?) that has this evil, grunt laugh (video below), and other house of horrors stuff. I must have had nightmares for years about this damn freaky show. Apparently I wasn’t alone either. A guy here calls it satanic and Gigglesnort Hell. Two videos are below to see if you too have been mind-smudged by this show. I’ve solved one of my perplexing mysteries, whew….



2 Responses to “Gigglesnort Hotel”

  1. KimoriC Says:

    I would go out with the clay guy. NOT!

  2. jeredunn Says:

    Yeah, he’s like totally hot..

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