Taken review


This action thriller just took advantage of a non-blockbuster, box-office weekend in America to grab $24 million dollars to add to its already impressive European numbers. And it certainly deserves the limelight. Director Pierre
Morel is no stranger to action flicks. His first outing was the fantastic martial arts exercise B13. This time he has chosen a simple and universal story of a father out to rescue his girl, and damned be those who stand in his way. Liam Neeson does his best European- John Wayne impression, and he’s so natural for this you wonder why he hasn’t done more action movies. Now, the exposition of the movie is edited lightning quick, and the acting comes across very hammy and over-the-top. You get the feeling Morel or the studio decided to get to the action as QUICK as possible. But this really doesn’t get too much in the way, because you quickly become emotionally invested in the situation, while rooting for a real ‘good guy’ to exacts his wrath on some real ‘bad guys’.  Scoop the preview here. Rating: 8/10


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