Quick Grammy Winner Thoughts


Surprisingly I will not be doing any ranting as I am pleased with most of the winners of the categories that I cared about. View the whole list of winners here.

-OK, so Daft Punk got the their two Grammys finally, and while they haven’t released a true album in four years, they deserve some dance Grammy love more than anyone. (You can read my initial critical thoughts about the Best Dance Album category here.)

-Justice got a timely Grammy for best remix of Mgmt’s ‘Electric Feel’. I’ve heard better this year, but it’s a relevant and worthy choice.

-I’m happy James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer won for Best Score for The Dark Knight, which I sorta called here.

– Those in my Best of 2008 took home some Grammys. Mars Volta beat out Motley Crue, Judas Priest, and Rob Zombie for Best Hard Rock Performance, and yes I’m talking about 2009. Kings of Leon was a winner. Metallica won Best Metal Performance. And Rick Rubin won Best Producer for Metallica’s comeback amongst other things.

-John Corigliano won Best Classical Contemporary Composition for Mr. Tambourine Man: Seven Poems of Bob Dylan, and I’m dying to hear it. I recommend anyone into instrumental music to dive deep into this man’s oeuvre. Movie composer Eliot Goldenthal was a student of Corigliano.

-Best Polka album went to Jimmy Sturr??? Oh man, I can’t buhleeve it.


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