Jason Comes to Texas!! (Friday the 13th reviewed)


This is literal as:

a.) Jason actor Derek Mears was in Austin along with producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form to give us an advance screening of Friday the 13th.

b.) They shot this movie in locales around central Texas.

c.) This movie is going to make bucketloads of cash this weekend and will be officially announcing a sequel in the next week that will also probably be shot in Texas.

Before my review here is some other tidbits of info: Their were 3 Q +A’s, one in the middle of the movie due to a projector ‘melt-down’. This enabled Derek Mears to physically reenact a kill scene for us that we sorta missed out on. Brad Fuller and Andrew Form discussed their remake of Nightmare on Elm Street with director Samuel Bayer and hinted at having some very mainstream actors wanting to take a crack at Freddy. As long as this movie does well this weekend, the sequel (the 13th in the series) could possibly be back in 3-D, which allowed an audience member to suggest “Friday the 3-D teenth”.

Now to attempt an unbiased review:

If you’ve seen Marcus Nispel’s remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then you know he has an eye for superb camerawork and a supporting team with very high production values, which all bleeds into this effort. Producer Michael Bay will allow nothing less than 2009 fireworks set firmly into the new generation’s horror expectations. And for the most part this film delivers as a nu-slasher.

The movie tries to straddle the line between dumb-downed fun and ultra-realism, but dumb-downed fun ultimately triumphs. The kills are innovative yet harken back to some earlier kills in the series. The Texas locales add a lovely new ambience for the proceedings. The cast, with its fair share of seeming underwear models that show enough acting range, was chosen with great care. Derek Mears’s experience in working with Greek masks apparently pays off, and his eyes do some scary work. The script is wise to regenerate themes from the underrated Friday the 13th 2, and it deftly avoids trying to reinvent the wheel (Jason Goes to Hell anyone?). So if you want to see a 3-D sequel with a great production team, go have a blast this weekend supporting this-.  Just don’t expect high-art, OK?

Rating: 7.5/10



3 Responses to “Jason Comes to Texas!! (Friday the 13th reviewed)”

  1. Adam Says:

    That dude looks like he is about to chop your head off!

    Were is the mentione of boobs??? Goota have boobies about to get cut up by the prodigal son that returned home.

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