February Foxxy Fifteen (Best of the Blogs!!!)


A serious artiste in the middle of some pop sensations?? (Friendly Fires, Tim Hecker, and Whitest Boy Alive)

Dudes and dudettes I hope you enjoy, because this was the hardest fifteen I’ve ever had to refine. There was SO MANY good tunes this month that it was just dirty. Ambient and downtempo music scored big this month. As did electro-pop and the return of some old ‘Boys’. But here you are, all after the jump:

1. Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy (Paul Epworth version)  

This electro-pop sing-a-long just might have delivered the Fires to America. Epworth has done a lights-out job.

2. Tim Hecker – Borderlands

Ambient instrumental that couldn’t possibly be more lush or haunting. Also check out Chimeras for added melancholy.

3. The Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke mix)

This isn’t brand-new, but I’ll be bamboozled if it doesn’t make a perfect little electro-pop dance number.

4. Pet Shop Boys – Love, Etc.

The Boys are back! Really, this might be their best tune since the 80’s.

5. Little Boots – Meddle (AC Slater & DJ Skeet remix w/ Goldie Locks)

My lady loved this and could not stop dancing. Except on the Little Boots vocal part she would always strangely stop.

6. MIA – ___ (Death to the Throne mix)

I think this is a combination of MIA accapellas mixed into one song, but DTTT throws the gauntlet down.

7. Mexican Institute of Sound – Jaja Pipi / Diego Bernal – Bring it on Home

Two Mexican downtempo jams we can thank blog Winnie Cooper for.

8. Silkersoft – Kira

My personal favorite–of combining hardcore metal and electro–is truly a love or hate it affair.

9. Beni – My Love Sees You (Classixx Remix)

More 80’s inspired electro-pop dance jams.

10. The Long Blondes – Nostalgia (Glass Candy Remix)

Glass Candy finally gives this fantastic song the room it needs to breathe and develop. And in a mix this could kill-.

11. Owl Vision – Dancing

Psy-electro or goa-electro anyone? Surround sound lasers in a symphonic trance.

12. Peter Rehberg – Boxes and Angels    

#97 on MLD’s Best of 2008. Ambient greatness that is better late than never.

13. Elke – Blue Dream Lover (Broke One remix)

Another electro-pop dance track that is so pristine, you wonder if a factory is spitting out this stuff.

14. Buraka Som Sistema – Kalemba (Wegue Wegue)– Hot Chip remix

Hot Chip can get wiggy Afrikan style. This is a slow-burner so let it build.

15. Eightcubed – Promise Me

Atari, 8-bit melodies converge to create a backwards troll dance.

Honorable Mentions:)

Jesse Rose – Touch my Horn (Mad Kids Remix)

Freimatic Twins – Liberation

The Magnificents – Ring Ring Oo Oo

Cobra Dukes – Science Fiction


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