The Big Pink – Velvet (Best Song of ’09 pt. 2)

Don’t know much about this group other then they’re signed to 4AD and an album is looming. Their first single was pretty good too. This fresh brand of rock electronique could propel them to the big-time.


2 Responses to “The Big Pink – Velvet (Best Song of ’09 pt. 2)”

  1. Filipa Says:

    I agree with you. Is absolutely gourgeas. The catarsis of emotions that this music make me feel. Is so deep, so emotional, so sad, romantic, exciting…
    Is majority shoegaze the genre of music in this song. I am young, but since “my bloody valentine” that i can´t hear a music so good with this genre. So weel done, the arrange, the instrumental, the voice…
    My god, i hope this song could be one of the most greatest of this year, if this not that will be injust.

    • jeredunn Says:

      Yes! You’re the first person I’ve heard from that shares my love for this song. I agree that there is too much stoned-out and bland shoegaze out there.

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