100 Feet review


This is one ghost film you don’t want to miss, and I’ll be very surprised if it isn’t the best of its kind (including the much advertised A Haunting in Conneticut) to be released this year. After floating around in limbo 🙂 for some time it will have a Sci-Fi channel premiere on April 26th, but wait for the DVD to see the too scary for TV scenes. And make no mistake, you need to see this movie uncut, because it is unrelenting.

Famke Janssen stars and has been making nice career moves lately (Taken, The Wackness), and it’s not just her looks; this babe has some acting chops.  The fact this movie all takes place in essentially one location gives even further credit to director Eric Red. In what seems like a tired genre lately, he turns into a how-to manual.  This shouldn’t be a surprise really when you consider he wrote Near Dark and directed a pretty good werewolf movie in Bad Moon. If the movie resembles anything it is The Entity, and that is a compliment. And watch this movie at night; the tension really simmers and builds into a genuine explosive pay-off.  Critics have honed in on the last five minutes, but that is really being picky if you ask me.  Rating: 8.5/10


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