Best Albums of the Season


1. The Juan MacLean – The Future Will Come

This is a fine disco-punk/dance-origins record, certainly rivaling LCD Soundsystem’s self-titled debut. Nancy Whang really establishes herself as a unique vocalist, and his male vocals are very reminiscent of early Human League. Expect this on many end-of-the-year lists. DL some tracks here.   And buy.


2. Sei A – Editing Shadows

Best techno record of the year so far. Outrageous sound design and unique architecture. In what you’ll recognize is a pattern with the albums here, Glasgow producer Andrew Graham layers superb vocals as the icing on the cake. Listen over at Beatport.



3. Christian Fischer – Bryzant Games

This was actually a very close call to the above album, and it is somewhat connected by existing in roughly the same genre of techno/house. Another example of some great vocals taking the music over the top.  You keep expecting a dropoff, but 16 songs into the album and your still dancing in place. Listen over at Beatport here.

4. Mistabishi – Drop

After a few years of stunning singles, the Bishi of drum n’ bass drops a worthy longplayer. Whether its printer machine mayhem (“Printer Jam”—DL), rockers with twisted lyrics (“Damage”), or uplifting anthems (“From Memory”), there’s enough here to entertain you for some time. Beatport listen.

5. Miss Kittin & The Hacker – Two

Miss Kittin just hasn’t been the same without her main music man The Hacker. Their first album was an electroclash classic, and this is certainly the best work they’ve done since. Neonized has standout “Party in My Head” for listen and DL.

6. Beirut – March of the Zapotec/ Realpeople Holland EPs

March of the Zapotec was recorded with The Jimenez band, a 17 piece outfit from a small town in Mexico, and is organic bliss. Couple this with the synth-bedroom-pop of Realpeople Holland and you realize Zach Condon not only can croon with the best of them, but is just damn brilliant. Amazon listen.


2 Responses to “Best Albums of the Season”

  1. uripides Says:

    Nice, I actually like a lot of these. Thanks for the post!

  2. jeredunn Says:

    Glad you liked it. I know you have high standards so that is good.

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