Seven Pounds, Ironweed, and The Midnight Meat Train Reviewed



Seven Pounds – Despite being pretentious, cheesy, very slow (I read three chapters during parts), and having a predictable, coming-from-a-mile-away “surprise!” ending; the execution of the final exquisite 30 minutes is lights-out and heartwrenching. Will Smith is great as usual, and Rosario Dawson shows what she’s made of towards the end of the film. I went from hating this struggling film to somehow getting knocked out in the final round. This is certainly a movie that will generate a wide spectrum of opinion, praise, and criticism.  Rating: 6/10

Ironweed (released Feb. 24 on DVD) – Jack Nicholson in his prime as a drunk bum talking to dead people ala The Shining? Meryl Streep in a tour-de-force supporting role? Does it matter this film drones, mumbles, and stumbles along in places? Unfeasibly, this release comes only in full-screen, but it still looks very good considering. Nicholson’s performance seems heavily inspired by German actor Gunter Lamprecht’s turn as Franz Biberkopf in Fassbinder’s Berlin Alexanderplatz. The director Hector Babenco (Kiss of the Spider Woman) was a strange choice for this project, but Nicholson and Streep are the must-see show here.  Rating: 8/10

The Midnight Meat Train – This is a frustrating example where you have a great story by Clive Barker and you have a screenwriter/studio who have completely missed the point by straying from the story. Why add an hour of fluff and diminish certain elements that made Barker’s story work? This studio needs to watch [REC] and realize a shorter movie without a formulaic Hollywood script can work. HP Lovecraft fans hoping to see ‘a glimpse’ will be sorely disappointed by the ending. That being said, director Kitamura does add some nice visual flourishes, and the hammer is a very effective addition. The slo-mo ‘eyes-popping’ scene (Warning: unrated and disturbing) is already classic. But all the missed opportunities I wonder at. Clive Barker talked about a trilogy for this, and maybe it will eventually get there.  Rating: 5/10


One Response to “Seven Pounds, Ironweed, and The Midnight Meat Train Reviewed”

  1. Adam Says:

    Nice eye popping scene!, I love that dude from Guy Richie films

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