Best DVDs of the month

Synecdoche, New YorkTokyo ZombieChangelingElegyBrigham CityVinyan

My top picks. What did I miss?

1. Synecdoche, New York –  This movie is either the most pretentious or most brilliant thing I’ve seen in a long time. So either way it gets the top spot for starting that conversation.  Rating: 8/10

2. Tokyo Zombie – Ridiculously goofy Japanese zombie movie about some guys who put their jinjitsu moves on some zombies. I might have chortled, whatever that means. Rating: 8/10

3. The Changeling – Clint Eastwood just doesn’t make bad movies. Rating: 8/10

4. Elegy – Sir Ben Kingsley and Penelope Cruz put on acting fireworks in this. Makes me wonder if Academy voters saw this before voting for HER HOTNESS. However, if you read or are planning to read Philip Roth’s novel (The Dying Animal), then I hear this pales in comparison. Rating: 7.5/10

5. Brigham City – A low-budget Mormon murder-mystery that really captures the small-town dynamic, and can certainly compete with the big boys.  Rating: 7/10

6. Cthulthu – See below. Rating: 7/10

7. Vinyan – A couple lose their son in the Tsunami, and they continue to become more lost as they search the third-world heart of darkness. The last shot is outrageously beguiling. Rating: 7/10

8. Happy-Go-Lucky – I’m not crazy about the whole movie, but the scenes with Sally Hawkins and her driving instructor, Eddie Marsan, are some of the funniest and most heartbreaking of the year. I really want to watch just those scenes again. Watch out for Eddie Marsan. He’ll be in Sherlock Holmes, and is on the rise.   Rating: 7/10


2 Responses to “Best DVDs of the month”

  1. Adam Says:

    Do you think I would liek the Changeling? You gave it 8 out of 10…

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